Help to find: programmers; IT-engineers; architects; IT-project managers; smm and seo specialists; designers; copywriters. Geography of the search - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and other Eastern European countries. I work with consulting, outsourcing, as well as with companies that create and develop their product.
I create recruiting advertising campaigns in the Russian-speaking Internet to attract new candidates, and increase the popularity of hr brand. Vacancies in social networks begin to work and attract professionals.
I collect data from the Internet, make calculations, analysis, visualization, reports and presentations for HR services and senior management of the organization. I do so that with the help of the report it is possible to make informed decisions. I use R for the full cycle of work.

It is very easy to order a search for personnel, just fill out a simple form. Your application will be considered at once and I will contact you to clarify your questions.

For companies that have an office(s) in Russia, they are ready to cooperate under a consulting services agreement. The contract and two annexes to the contract are archived and made available to the public.