Dmitry Berg

IT recruiter


I’m tell you a little bit about myself. In recruiting since 2005. The main experience of work in external recruitment in the agency. Mostly I was engaged in search and recruitment of personnel, because the most fascinating thing is the drive from search, to find faster. I was engaged in personnel accounting and administration, but work with papers is boring, and in the role of HR manager I have little experience.

What do I know how to do.

I can search and find. I can create and configure a search engine for searching candidates. I Do not use paid services, so constantly looking for and using in the work of new and free. For more than 10 years of experience accumulated knowledge and skills to work effectively and efficiently. I can build relationships with both business and candidates, so I work on the project in full volume. Now I work as a freelancer, so starting from the search for a customer, negotiations, documents, recruiting, website creation, business development, training and project management, I do it myself.